Our History

Algicel-Biotecnologia e Investigação

Algicel - Biotecnologia e Investigação, Lda was founded in 2007 to establish a consortium with the University of the Azores for the development of an R&D project in microalgae cultivation. A scientific research project was established and began activities in 2007 ending in 2011. It was supported by the Regional Government of the Azores and obtained community funding.

An industrial scale pilot unit was thus built for the cultivation of microalgae in closed photobioreactors. After 3 years of testing, the desired results were achieved with regard to the productivity of a Haematococcus pluvialis cultivation process in a closed photobioreactor. The process and equipment gave rise to a patent. At the same time, actions and studies of a commercial nature were initiated to assess the sales potential. Only in 2016 was it possible to obtain the complete financing from equity, credit and from the European Union for investment under the Competir + program in order to be able to carry out the industrial project.

Our journey started with an idea and the desire to do the right thing to provide happier lives. We have come a long way, yet this is only the beginning in exploring opportunities with microalgae.

Algicel, Lda is owned by three partners:

    • M. Helena Pereira da Silva - Degree in Finance, Postgraduate in Systems Analysis

    • Luis Filipe Chaves Medeiros Teves - Degree in Production Engineering and Industrial Management, Master in Management

    • Gonçalo C. F. Teixeira da Mota - Degree in Agro-Industrial Engineering, Superior Techn. Safety and Hygiene at Work

Construction curiosities: Construction started in 2018; Outdoors area - 1 ha; Support structures for photobioreactors - 13 km of square tube; Photobioreactors R250 - 1,010 units; Photobioreactors R100 - 2,896 units; Mini-photobioreactors - 220 units; Erlenmeyer flasks - 440 units; Test tubes - 1,000 units; Valves - 11,718 units; Tubing - 10 km


Helena Silva
M. Helena Pereira da Silva
Gonçalo Mota
Gonçalo Mota
Business Executive
A Nossa Historia, Algicel
Luís Teves
Operations Executive
A Nossa Historia, Algicel
Emanuel Xavier
Science and Quality Manager
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